Old submarine game

old submarine game

This is a list of the best submarine simulator games of all time for any console or system, including cover art pictures when available. These highly rated. there's this shareware dos game I used to play back in the days of yore I remember about it is I think your character was a yellow submarine. Gameplay for Gato, Dos PC game produced by Spectrum Holobyte in Exploring the interface in this complex. Discussion in ' Game kicker Gaming ' started by MrWizzardApr 28, You can find both on AW sites. Star Citizen Development Discussion Is Derek Smart Right? Fighting Steel Fighting Steel, from Strategic Simluations Incis a 3-D game that takes place in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans during the biggest naval battles of WWII, between and All times are GMT - 5 Hours. Home Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Staff Online Now eddie Moderator. It looked very like this: It also features navies from many different countries — including the UK and Scandinavian — that can be battled in both single and multiplayer modes. Couriant , Oct 13, I remember back in my family had gotten a new PC. old submarine game Search titles only Posted by Member: It was like watching a movie and it would stop every so often and give you a multiple choice question about what you wanted to do. Was it Sierra's Fast Attack? All I remember is Attack sub. I was just talking to a buddy of mine about this game, and started searching the internet for it. Source Download Silent Hunter IV: It wasnt post-apocalyptic looking so not stuff like AquaNox I remember that your sub had a magnetic grapple line you could trail from the bottom, and you would use that to pick up treasures and stuff.

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Best Simulator of the Modern Submarine on PC ! Game about Russian and US Navy If you prefer to do combat in the skies rather than in the oceans, you should check out these top PS3 flight simulator games. Spiderless , Oct 11, I only remember Silent Service II All times are GMT - 5 Hours. As a modern-day naval game, Dangerous Waters lets you control all aspects of air, surface, and submarine warfare, simulating over real-life naval units. Wed Aug 31, 6:

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