What is Society?

interdependent community. When we live in a Society, we are connected by a common purpose and we cooperate for the common good. Each member of the society should be responsive to the others and to the group.

There are many different definitions of Society and there are many ways a Society exists. In the West we often call it a town, or a neighborhood, or a city. Many people are aware of these groupings, but they think of a Society as something that is bigger than a town, or a city. Let’s look at some ways a Society is bigger than a city.

Societal Strength: A society is considered to be strong when it has the ability to resolve disputes and to solve major problems. The Society does not consider itself weak. For example, a small town where the population is only 500 would have a higher level of social cohesion than a metropolis with nearly one million residents. A society is weak when it cannot resolve its problems or solves them slowly and can not solve problems in time.

A strong society has a leader who directs and manages the other members of the group. Sometimes, the society may have many leaders, such as a committee of adults. A society has a group of individuals who share a common goal, such as a group of teenagers who play baseball. A small city has many people who are capable of joining and are involved in a community, yet the population is too large for a group of young people to organize and solve major problems. However, if they played together, the population would become cohesive and be able to solve problems quickly.

Society can also be considered a self-governing group, where a body of rules governs the activities of the group. Often, societies have been referred to as corporations. However, when we consider societies as corporations, we should consider the importance of individual freedom and the fact that every person has an equal voice in the decision making process.

Society also consists of people who all experience life through different experiences and perspectives. In today’s culture, this is considered to be a “liberal democracy,” because it allows people to express their individual views while being governed by a group or other people.

Society is also the source of justice in a society. Society is the place where those people (citizens) who have lived together for a long time are all in a good position to build meaningful relationships. Society provides an outlet for emotional pain as well as emotional release.

As a society, we make the best use of our resources and the tools we have available to us. Society provides a forum for all of us to contribute our strengths and weaknesses. Society gives all of us the chance to build and nurture relationships and bring the community together.